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Since 1989 Royce’s practice has served over 6000 patients in Missouri and Illinois, and Royce has personally recruited, mentored, and supervised 5 Specialists in this field who have achieved National Board Certification and are leaders in the field today.

Royce’s practice grew to over 10 offices at one point serving the Bi-State Missouri and Illinois region and although the practice is independent, became the largest dispenser for one of the major U.S. laboratories in the state of Missouri.



Our Services

Advanced Technology

Your hearing healthcare professional at Heartland Hearing Center offers the most advanced technology available today. When it comes to your hearing health, you deserve a personal hearing and communication solution….

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Hearing Aids

Each of the Brand Manufacturers we give you access to have multiple models and are heavily involved with research and development to continually improve and bring new opportunities to the…

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Custom Fit & Tuned Solutions

You are an individual with your own specific needs. Just like vision, if you don’t have the correct prescription, you will not succeed like you should. Not your prescription. There…

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A hearing test being performed in Chesterfield, MO
Hearing Loss Test in Chesterfield, MO

By now you know that success in connecting hearing loss is more than buying aids. Most groups, box stores, and VA clinics do not have the time, motivation or professional….

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Meet Our Hearing Professionals

Royce R. LaMarr, BC-HIS, CEO

Royce LaMarr has been helping patients since he was 11 years old. He got his start in his father’s pharmacy and is now the owner […]

Kelli R. Kernan, BC-HIS Director of Operations


Kelli R. Kernan BC-HIS, has been around the hearing business since she was a little girl. Always excited to visit her father at his practice […]

Jim Malle BC-HIS, MED Education Director

South St. Louis County

Jim Malle, BC-HIS, M.E.D. is a veteran hearing instrument specialist who is nationally board certified. He is licensed in Missouri and Illinois and has a […]

Olivia Eade, HIS, BA

Alton/Swansea IL

Allyson Randazzo, HIS, BA

Chesterfield/Creve Couer MO

Angela Sloan, HIS

Bowling Green/Cottleville MO


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I am 40 years old and I was always embarrassed at the thought of wearing hearing aids. I could not understand conversations in noisy situations and I finally decided to seek help at Heartland Hearing. I tried the open ear style. They are so powerful. I can hear again! And you can’t even tell that I’m wearing them. I wish I would not have waited so long. Thanks for giving me my hearing back.

St. Louis, MO

There are many hearing “professionals” around whose primary interest is in selling for maximum profit. The best solution for their clients is a secondary concern. When I made the appointment with Heartland Hearing my expectations were not very high. I am happy to report Phillip, Carol and staff could not have been more direct, honest and professional. My mother-in-law’s hearing was very poor. After trying off the shelf solutions in the past I was skeptical at best that Phillip would be able to help. After thorough testing he did two things that surprised me: First he told us that the hearing in her right ear was too poor to warrant any device; then he recommended a mid level priced device for the left ear based on her hearing and lifestyle. Because of his careful attention to detail and his patient explanation of what, and why he recommended the chosen device she now hears better than she has in many years. My mother-in-law’s quality of life is much improved because of the professionalism of Phillip and company. I can give them no higher rating.

St. Louis, MO

Always helpful. Personal service and always professional.

Rick Coleman

I didn’t realize how much I was saying “huh?” all the time until my kids told me I needed my hearing checked. My workplace was having a Health Fair and Heartland staff was there. I got my hearing checked and it was found I needed further testing. So I got the testing done and I did, indeed, need hearing aids. They came in very quickly. I had a few problems with the fit so I had several office visits in a short time. But it was nothing they did, it was due to the fit behind and in my ear due to my eyeglasses arms. They were very patient with me. I remember when I first got my hearing aids. I went to a drive-thru to get some supper and rolled my window down to order. I couldn’t believe my ears! I found out what I had been missing. The birds were singing so beautifully! I am only 53 years old and never thought I’d need hearing aids this young, but I’m glad I got them. Angela was the person who did my hearing test and fit once I got them. She has been amazing and is such a sweet person. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone needing hearing aids.

Cheryl Hobbs

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