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Hearing Exams

Hearing Test in St. Louis, MO

Whether you’ve never had a hearing test before or you already have a set of hearing aids, hearing exams are an important part of your health. At Heartland Hearing Centers LLC, we value your health and want to ensure that you continue to have the best hearing possible. Come in to our office in St. Louis, MO, for your hearing exam today.

Hearing Tests

At each hearing test, we perform a visual inspection of your ear to ensure that no visible problems exist that could be affecting your hearing. We then run a series of auditory tests that could include:

Pressure test:  We use pressure tests to test the flexibility of your eardrum and whether it is able to transmit sound effectively.

Tone test:  This test is a well-known test used to measure how well you can hear tones of different volumes and pitches.

Speech test:  During a speech test, you will listen to words or sentences played at different volume levels and then repeat what you hear.

Depending on the level of your hearing loss, we may perform one or more of these tests. We will then discuss with you your results and talk about your options for treatment if you need it. As a full-service hearing center, we provide many options for hearing loss. And as a hearing aid provider, we can help you choose the perfect hearing aid for your needs.

Qualified Professionals

If you think you may need a hearing test, give us a call. We have provided high-quality hearing services since 1989 and are happy to help you determine your hearing level and what you may need. And if you choose to come in, we offer the first visit and hearing exam at no charge.

For every hearing service, come to Heartland Hearing Centers LLC in St. Louis. We provide hearing tests, hearing aid repair, and other services to help you. Call us at (877) 226-4195 to learn more.

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