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Health Events

We are a Missouri and Illinois practice specializing in all facets of hearing health care. One of our specialties is providing hearing screenings for Health Events of all types. 

Undiagnosed hearing loss is a disability that affects more than 48 million Amerians according to the Hearing Loss Association of America or about 20% of the population. In addition to affecting the ability to understand and communicate, according to John Hopkins University untreated hearing loss can put the individual up to 5 times more likely to develop one of the dementias including Alzheimer’s. 

These facts and the reality that hearing loss unlike vision loss is not as noticeable initially to those who have it. This is why our mission is to help by providing screenings for many organizations including Corporate, Government, and NonProfits. There is no cost to you for our services.   Our hearing services include a joint Video Otoscope viewing of the ear canal and ear drum by the Hearing Professional and individual to inspect for wax issues, and any abnormalities. This is always informative and usually the first time the individual has seen inside their ear canal. We use this inspection to teach and train. Then we perform a hearing screening using frequencies from 500 to 4000 htz. These are the critical frequencies where speech happens.  After the screening if the results indicate a need for additional service or a complete hearing evaluation, we will refer the individual and make arrangements for them after work hours.  We also have a sister Non Profit Organization, Heartland Health Events Inc, that conducts complete Health Events and Fairs recruiting vendors to participate. 

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