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Hearing Professionals

Spencer Samson

Spencer reigns from Columbia, Missouri home of the Missouri Tigers where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a minor in Education from Columbia College. Spencer began her time with Heartland Hearing Centers as a Patient Care Coordinator, but after realizing how much she loved working with patients, she decided to further her education to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist. She is currently serving as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in Training, and is eager to become an L-HIS in the very near future.

She always loved the idea of helping people, but after she got married and had her two children she realized being at home with them, fit best at the time. Now that her kiddos are of the preschool age, she is jumping back in full-speed. She is happily married to her husband Clay who is a veterinarian at a mixed animal practice , and she is a busy mom of two rambunctious toddlers. In her very limited free time she enjoys being outside, hanging out with her family, and becoming more involved in her church.


Royce LaMarr

Royce LaMarr has been helping patients since he was 11 years old. He got his start in his father's pharmacy and is now the owner of Heartland Hearing Centers. Since 1989, his practice has served over 4000 patients in Missouri and Illinois. Royce is still actively involved in the day to day care of Heartland Hearing Centers' patients.

Kelli Kernan

Kelli is a licensed hearing specialist with 10 years of experience. She currently runs Heartland Hearing Centers' Farmington practice and delights in giving patients the gift of hearing.

Tim Fick

Tim has been with Heartland Hearing for almost 5 years. He began his career in hearing health care as a technician and grew into an accomplished Hearing Instrument Specialist who has achieved Board Certification, the highest level of achievement for a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Tim is passionate about exceptional patient care and giving the gift of hearing to those who need it most.

Brian LaMarr

Brian LaMarr has been a part of the Heartland Hearing Centers team since 2012, but has always been part of the Heartland Hearing Centers family. He is pursuing his degree in Hearing Instrument Science and brings respect and compassion for people to each of his patient visits.