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Hearing Professionals

Brian LaMarr

Brian LaMarr was raised with a great amount of respect and compassion for people. He was heavily involved with Boy Scouts and gained a love of the outdoors and skills that still serve him.

As a teenager, he became a volunteer with the local fire department where he started his medical training working as a First Responder to medical 911 calls, emergencies, and fires. This experience equipped him to respond under pressure in some of life’s most critical moments.

Brian chose to enter the U.S. Army directly after high school achieving the rank of Sergeant more quickly than anyone in his field of communication with the Signal Corp during peace time service. Peace didn’t last too long being deployed to the Haitian Crisis and then serving 3 years in Germany and 6 month rotations to Bosnia during the Bosnian War.

After serving 7 years in the Army, Brian chose to return to civilian life entering the communications field with World Com and cellular communications. Due to the failure of World Com, Brian accepted an offer with Gateway Hearing Center where he worked for 4 years during his studies. He then chose to leave accepting a position with D&S Fence Company who had contracts with the state of Missouri providing many services for new highways and signage needs.

In 2012, Brian was offered a position with the family practice of Heartland Hearing Centers and is completing his studies for his degree in Hearing Instrument Sciences. He is currently serving as Director of Heartland Health Events Inc, a non profit corporation tasked with providing health events for government, corporate, and service organizations across the states of Missouri and Illinois.

Brian is married to his wife Amy. They have five children including one son and four daughters. One of his passions is witnessing how hearing correction changes the lives of the patients and everyone in their lives.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys coaching youth baseball, golf, boating, fishing, and spending time with family.

Royce LaMarr

Royce LaMarr has been helping patients since he was 11 years old. He got his start in his father's pharmacy and is now the owner of Heartland Hearing Centers. Since 1989, his practice has served over 4000 patients in Missouri and Illinois. Royce is still actively involved in the day to day care of Heartland Hearing Centers' patients.

Kelli Kernan

Kelli is a board certified hearing specialist with 10 years of experience. She currently runs Heartland Hearing Centers' Farmington practice and delights in giving patients the gift of hearing.