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By now you know that success in correcting hearing loss is more than buying aids.  Most groups, box stores, and VA clinics do not have the time, motivation or professional protocols to successfully help you achieve the results you need.  So many times if you are still having problems understanding, you blame the hearing aids.  Most of the time what is needed is the right professional who can help you navigate and improve your success with your aids.

Your initial consultation is FREE:

At Your first appointment, this is what you will receive:

Video Oto Scope inspection to ensure your physical ear health and that you are wax free.

  • You will be able to observe the video of your ear on our video screen
  • The professional will explain your ear, wax management, and answer questions

Hearing Screening: “How well do you hear”

  • Pure Tone exam of each frequency threshold


If Your Screening Indicates Further Testing:

These  are the next steps!

Hearing Exam: “How well do you hear”

  • Speech Reception Threshold exam
  • Uncomfortable and Most Comfortable levels

Speech Discrimination (Understand) Level: “How well do you understand”

  • Presentation of phonically balanced NU-6 words to identify how well you understand words
  • High Frequency word index
  •  Familiar Voice presentation: This is administered with your significant other, relative, or friend who’s voice you are familiar with.

Diagnosis: Your Professional will explain your results and help define where you really are with your hearing and understanding levels and what’s best for you personally with your lifestyle and needs.

Continuing Professional Care 

Annual Hearing Screenings: Critical to avoid several possible outcomes of untreated hearing loss

Treating your hearing loss: If you have a hearing and speech understanding loss and chose to treat and correct it, we will work together with you to provide a treatment plan, instruments, and ongoing care that is best for you, your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Your professional will explain the plan, goals, and protocols that are best for you and your family to recover and maintain your ability to understand speech for the rest of your life.


We are the professionals who can improve your success with what you have, without spending more money.

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