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Pricing and Plans

We are quoting these examples to give you an approximation of your investment in your hearing health care needs.

We will secure every opportunity for cost reduction or 3rd party payment that is available to you including insurance and private foundations.  Why pay more?

Many times there are significant incentives, pricing, and voucher checks that can be applied toward the purchase of your new system.  Please call us at 573-756-0555 or click to send an e-mail to request information for the current and future programs being offered by different companies.

Our practice is built upon the foundation of mutual benefit by making the most of whatever technology any of our patient’s choose within their budget.

Each package comes with a minimum one-year factory warranty, and a one year insurance loss and damage policy at no charge.  Some programs have up to 5 years of free warranty.  We don’t expect aids to get lost, but if it happens, we’re here to help!

You may find you can get by with less technology and thus save money, this is only a suggestion.  We will work together to find what’s best for you and the best price point.  In addition many times there are special savings available that can save you significant money.  We’ll make you aware of any and all specials that are current.