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Payment Plans


We have a program designed to provide you with INTEREST FREE MONEY.
0% Financing Option and No Money Down for 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months regardless of your age, health or retirement status. CARE CREDIT offers 14.9% financing or AllWell offers 13.9% which are terrific financing options that both Hearing Practices and Dentistry provide for their patients. Additionally, we are now able to offer financing options through HealthiPlan! It’s here for you. Beyond the interest free options, there are several long-term financing options for you. The interest rate may vary due to it being tied to prime rate and subject to change with the market. Your specialist can explain your details in depth.

Please see the payment calculator and enter the amount you would like a payment quote for.

There are several options so be sure to read carefully.

0%: If you choose a 0% interest quote, it may give you a payment amount for the total divided by the number of months you select, but the actual monthly payment required will be very small compared to the calculator. For many of you who may have a source of funds that will be available at a later date and the 0% option making the little payment allows you freedom to get the benefits now and pay for the bulk of it when it is best for you. Others will choose to divide the amount by the number of months and pay it off on a monthly basis.

Extended Terms: The current interest on extended terms is 11.9% whether for 2 years or up to 5 years. We recommend the 5 year plan to ensure a small payment and then retire the obligation as quickly as comfortable. If you have an expensive month, you’re not required to make a higher payment. The interest is the same and is computed as simple interest which means you are only charged based on the amount of your current balance, not based on the contractual months. You can always increase the payment amount and pay it off as soon as you desire, but once you begin, you cannot extend the amount of months to retire the obligation.

Today price points are driven by technology needed. For years in audiology size dictated pricing, the smaller – the more expensive.

Now, all sizes are available in all technology levels. Because of Nano Science, size is not as relevant, but technology is.

The rule of thumb, the more noisy your lifestyle and the more critical it is to be able to communicate in varying levels of noise, the greater the technology needed.

Greater Technology, Greater Understanding in noisy environments.

Check out our lifestyle chart to get an idea where you would define your current lifestyle. Then go to the payment calculator to find an expected monthly cost or 0% option that will fit your budget.