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Good Attitude

STEP 2 – Make A Personal Choice To Seek Help With A Good Attitude

It is not the purchase of a product which will give you better hearing.  Only about 20 percent of your success to achieve better hearing will depend on the performance of the hearing aid products you purchased.

The fundamental requirement to overcome your hearing problem is your deep, driving desire to learn and a vigorous determination to increase your ability to hear.  The six characteristics which are present in all persons who complete the transition to hearing aids are:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Relentless commitment not to quit.
  • Time spent practicing the use of hearing aids.
  • Patience while your brain acclimates to ambient sounds and noises.
  • Effort of the wearer which matches their desire to increase their ability to hear.

Hearing aids will not bring you instant gratification.  They are not like eyeglasses – which by simply putting them on will result in clear vision.  Hearing aids are more like skates; buying a good pair of them is only the starting place.  A good coach who knows how to teach skating is the second step.  Time spent in practice, with a patient and a willing attitude by the student, is the third and most important step.

To achieve better hearing, you must work at it daily.  The ability to hear again can be relearned — not purchased.  The most successful hearing aid users will gladly tell you that their effort to learn, with their time spent practicing was the price they paid for better hearing.

The decision to have a good attitude about going through the process to improve your hearing must be yours, not that of your spouse, son or daughter.  As a hearing professional, we cannot make this commitment for you; it is your choice alone.  Abe Lincoln once remarked that “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  And as you embark on the process of better hearing, a cheerful attitude will not only effect your success, but will be an encouragement to everyone you know.

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