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Heartland Health Events Inc.

Heartland Health Events Inc. a Missouri Non Profit organization dedicated
to bringing awareness and opportunity to improve your organization’s health and wellness.

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Heartland Hearing Events

Many Government, Corporation, Civic, Union, Benevolent, and Service Organizations have realized the need and in some cases the requirement of their Group Health Plans to have an annual medical check up in a Health Event (Fair) environment, to monitor their insured or bring awareness to their organizations members of their health needs.

We are all individuals with different and unique characteristics, but we all face the same types of issues as it relates to health. The problem for most groups isn’t just starting programs, it is in sustaining programs which is where the real benefits come for you and your organization. Most committees and or employees start well but the job demands, family and time constraints, and many other issues work against the good intentions and efforts to sustain an ongoing program.

This is where Heartland Health Events Inc comes in. We work with your organization, meeting with your leadership and the volunteers in your committees and groups who have been tasked with focus on employee or member health. If one doesn’t exist, we will work to begin yours, if your’s does exist, we will work directly with your teams to help maximize their efforts.

Our Health Events are called “Know your numbers”. When we partner with a group or organization we learn about you and your people’s needs, goals, and desires. We then schedule a Health Fair or Event date and begin working to have the most successful event possible. We guarantee a minimum of 5 stations. Vision, Hearing, Blood Pressure, Glucose levels, Oxygen levels, and usually “Non fasting cholesterol”, but work to have many more by going to the local health professionals in their fields and recruit them to attend and provide screenings. This is a key because if problems are identified, connecting the individual who has a need with a local Professional in their area of need at the Event starts a relationship and is priceless. The individual has received a screening which may be abnormal and discussion happens. At that point the goal is to connect the need with a solution and proper health care. With local Professionals, the success rate of creating an appointment and treatment is much greater.

Why “Know you Numbers”? Because all screenings are a series of numbers. What’s your vision, 20/20?, Glaucoma pressure? Blood Pressure 110 over 75? Blood Sugar 105? Screenings produce numbers and the range of those numbers indicate the severity of the health issue. When your members attend, they sign in, are given a “Know your numbers” Sheet with duplicate. They take their sheet to each station and the Health Professional writes their screening results number on the sheet for that screening. The Health Professional will explain the results and any recommendations. This continues through each station until they’ve completed all the stations.

The participants then check out and receive a copy of each of their screening numbers and review the results, while having any of their questions answered. HHE retains a copy of their screening numbers. After the event HHE will complete a tally and submit a report to the Organization of the results. Since the Health Fairs and Events are medical in nature and HHE is HIPPA Compliant, no names will be revealed. The report will be specific for each station including the number of participants, the range of scores for each station, and a summary of what was discovered. We chart each event and after 2 events for the same organization, we can get a pretty clear view of the health trends for each group.

For individual’s need to present health screening results for their insurance requirements, they can choose to use their copy of their screening scores to fulfill this requirement or as an addendum to a required report. For Organizations wanting a clear picture of their, members, employees, and or participants, overall health as a group and any specific areas that appear deficient as a group. This data can be used to focus on targeting programs and policies that address these issues and improve their overall health and wellness. .

Heartland Health Events goal is threefold. 1st. We evaluate your organization’s needs and what is in place. Then working with your team or by ourselves we follow up to ensure those with needs are connected and receiving help. 2nd.We provide you with an overview of your organization’s health needs and helping to craft a strategy that creates an opportunity to improve your team’s health numbers. 3rd. We provide each individual a complete report of their numbers at each station and what it means. For those indicating a need, we connect them with someone they’ve met who may be able to help them improve their quality of health and wellness.

Finally, There is minimal or no direct cost to your organization. For more information or to contact us please use one of these Media’s to contact us. We are here to serve. Text or Call 636-922-5000, Email or message us in Facebook. Sincerely Royce R. LaMarr, CEO, BC-HIS.

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